Aventon: Pace 500 SALE

Aventon: Pace 500 SALE

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Aventon Electric: Pace 500 Sale


BEST E-BIKE PRICE IN TOWN: The Aventon Pace 500 is a rad electric bike - an affordable and speedy electric bicycle for urban and city use, for riding the beach path in Venice or for an easy commute.

Bike Attack Electric provides assembly (if bought locally from us) and warranty service. A big difference to sole online dealers who do not help assembling your bike. We are also there for our local customers when they need help with repairs, service and warranty and offer a FREE 30 day brake and adjustment.




Keep up the Pace with Aventon's latest e-bike! This e-bike maximizes fun and keeps you going on. It's like powering up your legs to make hills a thing of the past. With a 500W hub-drive motor and large comfortable tires, the Pace gives you the ultimate balance in comfort and power. A relaxed, upright riding position and 5-levels of pedal-assist modes keeps the smile on your face all day long.


Battery Range: 30 - 50 miles

Motor: 500W brushless motor

Charge Time: 4 hours

Pedal Assist: 5 levels

Display: LCD Smart Display

Parts: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Battery Options: 11.6 AH (standard)

                           14.0 AH ($599 - extended)

Colors: Sand, Black (Classic Frame), White and Teal (Step Thru Frame) 

Sizes: S, M, L (Classic Frame), S, M (Step Thru Frame)





Brushless motors are typically 5%-10% more efficient than brushed motors (that means your e-bike goes further on a charge) and are virtually maintenance-free. Aventon's 500 watt brushless motor is paired to highly efficient arc magnets that give you more available power as you pedal.

Battery (556.8Wh)

Aventon uses Samsung 18650 cells to build our battery packs to ensure maximum range and performance even after hundreds of charge cycles. The onboard battery management system also features smart safety protection to ensure quick, safe charging.


The intelligent controller featuring six high grade Toshiba MOSFETs and operates as the “brain”, communicating and processing information between all electronic components, delivering optimal performance as you ride.



"...one of the most impressive features worth mentioning about the Aventon Pace 500 bike is its price. At $1,400, it’s proof that good e-bikes are no longer piling up on unattainable wish lists; they’re finally becoming a reality for the masses.- Jennifer Sherry, Bicycling.com






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