Mokwheel: Mesa City 25km/h

Mokwheel: Mesa City 25km/h

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Mokwheel: Mesa City

New at Bike Attack Electric: A comfortable and speedy electric city bike to commute to and from work and ride around Santa Monica.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity and reliability are the way to go. Stay comfortable with intuitive controls and smooth turns for the ultimate experience of an easy ride. Replace your car and make your commute fun.

    Hub Motor
    48V 12.8Ah
    Lithium-Ion Battery
    Miles Per Charge
    350 lbs
    Payload Capacity
    7 Speed
    Gear Shift System
    3.0 A Charger
    Replenish Faster
    Long Performance

    48V 12.8Ah Battery

    Mokwheel's battery is equipped with high density lithium-ion cells to improve work efficiency, service life, and safety. The 3.0 A charger only takes 4 hours per charge to travel 30-45 miles.

    30~45 Miles Per Charge
    614 Wh Battery Capacity
    4 hours Charging Time
    3.0 A Charger Replenish Faster

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