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Grand Opening Party at Bike Attack Electric+ Santa Monica

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February 21st 2015 was the BIG DAY for us when we officially opened the doors of Bike Attack Electric+ and we celebrated it with a Big Party.

Locals and loyal customers came from all over LA county to gather and show support to our second store in the area, a store solely (or mostly) dedicated to electric bicycles. 

Electric bikes are the next big thing in the US. Europe is one step ahead and had plenty of time to develop the best electric bike technology on the market. Now these european brands are showcasing what they have to offer in our Hi-Tech electric Bike Design store. 

The good thing about showing several different brands in one place is that there is no need to question our neutrality. We only sell what we stand behind and have no brand commitment.

Here are some of the brands we let you test ride:

Stromer (Switzerland) are the international market leader for Top of the Line electric bikes. Bike Attack Electric+ proudly announces to be be one of the biggest Stromer dealers in the US.

Easy Motion (BH Group-Spain) has the widest range of models for electric bikes. From folding bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes to road bikes.

Focus (Germany) is a one of the Big 4 German bike makers who makes excellent electric bikes with the biggest range.

Kalkhoff (Germany) is the oldest bike maker from Germany and a German institution (like Schwinn for the US) making high range electric bicycles that last.

Felt (US) is an international bike maker from the US famous for it's road and mountain bikes. Felt collaborated with BOSCH to make one of the most reliable electric bikes on the market.

A2B (UK) one of the electric bike makers of the first generation, who makes the most unique electric bikes that exist.

Mando Footloose (South Korea) is a company formed by one of the big South Korean car makers and a German design team, who make ebikes who won the most design awards up to date.

Blix (Sweden) makes electric bikes with vintage look and feel for the urban trendsetter.

KTM (Austria) is the cult Motor Cross company that needs no words. Coming soon. Stay tuned.

We wanted to share some pictures of the party with you and hope you enjoy it.

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