Service & Repair

We are currently very busy in Service and can only accept a limited number of repairs at the moment until we are caught up. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We Service All Bikes - Not Only Electric Bikes, but we are currently only accepting repairs for electric bikes that we sell.


Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica has Shimano and Bosch certified electric bike technicians on duty to take care of your electric bike or regular bicycle any time. At the moment we can only service electric bike systems from Bosch, Shimano and the electric bike brands that we sell.

Our mechanics take pride in their work. It shows every time they touch and service your bike. Solving problems that others can't is our speciality. 


We want to be there for you and your bike. That's why we implemented this awesome plan: 

FREE one time brake and gear adjustments for all bikes and E-Bikes purchased from us.


We also recommend bringing in your e-bike for a tune up and service, at least once a year. Any problem you have, please contact us, so we can work on it right away.



SERVICE LABOR PRICES: Parts not included
Flat Tire $10 Plus cost of tube (Non Electric)

$40 Plus cost of tube (Electric: Front)

$50 Plus cost of tube (Electric: Rear)


Safety Check Up

$65 (Non Electric)
  $75 (Electric)
TUNE-UP - Standard $95 (Non Electric)
  $150 (Electric)
FULL OVERHAUL $250 (Non Electric)
  $300 (Electric)
Charge for extra dirty/rusty bikes $20.00
Disposal of Bicycles not being picked up after 21 days $20.00
Storage fee for bikes not being picked up after 3 days $5 each day
Rush Service - Handling Fee $20.00
Rear Suspension
Overhaul Single Pivot $60.00 - $90.00
Multi Pivots $70.00 - $100.00
Wheels & Hubs  
Flat Repair

$10.00 (Non-Electric)

$40 (Electric: Front)

$50 (Electric: Rear)

True Wheel $20 - $60
Replace Spoke and True Wheel (plus $1.50 each spoke) $30.00 - $65.00
Adjust Hub $10.00 - $30.00
Glue Tubular (plus glue)                                                         $40.00 & Up
Wheel Builds
Front Wheel $65.00 - $150 (more for custom)
Rear Wheel $75.00 - $160 (more for custom)
Specialty Wheels (i.e. tubeless, etc.)                                                         $80.00 & Up
Derailleur Adjustment $15.00
Derailleur Replacement $20.00
Replace Chain $10.00
Replace Chainring $15.00
Replace Cassette $20.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $20.00-25.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $25.00-30.00
Hanger Straighten $15-20
Rebuild Ergo Lever (each) $50.00
Install STI/Ergo levers (road or mountain) $75.00
Install MTB shifters $35.00
Adjust Rear or Front Brake $15.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $20.00-25.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $25.00-30.00
Replace Brake Pads (all types) - per wheel price $15.00-$35
Mechanical Disc Brakes
Installation Set-Up - per wheel price $30.00
Hydraulic Rim & Disc Brakes
Installation Set-Up & Bleeding - per wheel price $50.00+
Bleeding Only - per wheel price $40.00+
Headset & Bottom Bracket  
Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $15.00
Replace or Repack Bottom Bracket or Headset $25.00
Rebuild Bottom Bracket $35.00
Install fork (includes cutting steer tube) $40.00
Install fork w/ headset install $60.00
Removal or installation of cups in frame only $25.00
Removal of seized Bottom Bracket (per hour) $85.00
Pick up and Delivery $30-$300 (depending on distance)
Bicycle Boxing for Shipping Shipping not included
Box to Ship Standard Bicycle $85-150
Box to Ship Tandem, Electric Bike or Trike $150
Assemble Bicycle or Ebike From Box $90-150
Accessory Installation  
Pedals $5
Handlebar                                                         $10.00 - $35.00
Baby Seat $15.00 - $25
Fenders $20.00
Grips $5.00 - $10
Seat $5.00
Kickstand $5.00
Aerobars $20.00 - $40.00
Tape Handlebars $15.00
Cables and Housing Install (and adjust) $15.00
All other accessory Installation                                                         $5.00 & Up
Computer Installation
Computer install Single/Dual Pickup $20.00 - $35.00
Computer battery install and reprogram $10.00
Misc. Installments/Services
Bike Clean without other Services $35-50
Additional fee to repack and reinstall Headset $45.00
Additional fee to strip and reinstall parts $30.00
Face and chase Bottom Bracket $150.00
Chase Bottom Bracket $50.00
Ream/Face Head Tube $35.00
Thread Steer tube (price for every 2cm of thread) $45.00
Complete parts swap, including fork                                                         $100.00 - 225.00
Car Rack Installation Rates  
Applies only to accessories purchased At Bike Attack
Car Rear Rack - Hollywood Express 3 (or alike) $25
Car Rear Rack - Hitch rack or similar including assembly $35
Roof Top Boxes $30.00
Removal of Racks and Accessories per hour $65.00
Car Rack Installation Rates w/o Purchase  
For accessories NOT purchased At Bike Attack
Car Rear Rack - Hollywood Express 3 (or alike) $35
Car Rear Rack - Hitch rack or similar including assembly $55
Roof Top Boxes $40.00
Removal of Racks and Accessories per hour $85.00
 Prices are subject to change.  





If you're uncertain about buying an electric bike - just come for a free test ride. We are happy to explain to you the many features and differences of certain models and brands. Still not sure? Rent one of our brand new electric bikes to get a deeper feel for the bike and it's capabilities.


Bike Attack Electric rents electric bikes by the hour and the day. Call us for more information at (424) 744-8148.


Bike Attack Electric+ offers third party insurance from VELOSURANCE to make sure your ebike is properly insured at all times against theft and damage.


» E-bikes are regulated like bicycles. The same rules of the road apply to both e-bikes and human-powered bicycles.

» E-bikes are not subject to the registration, licensing, or insurance
requirements that apply to motor vehicles.

» California designates three classes of e-bikes:


  • Class 1: Bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 20 mph.
  • Class 2: Bicycle equipped with a throttle-actuated motor, that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 20 mph.
  • Class 3: Bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 28 mph.


WHERE TO RIDE YOUR BIKE in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Culver City, Playa Del Rey and Los Angeles?

You can download this Bike Map for Los Angeles.