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  • Tern | Orox S12 | Electric Cargo Bike | Highland Yellow


    Tern: Orox S12 25mph


    Tern: Orox S12 - 25mph   The Orox S12 is a powerful and fast all-around electric cargo Bosch powered bike from Tern at Bike Attack Electric+ that is perfect for the mountains and all terrain rides for the rider looking for a fast and...

  • Tern | Orox R14 | 25mph


    Tern: Orox R14 25mph


    Tern: Orox R14 With Speedhub - 25mph    The Orox R14 is a powerful and fast all-around electric cargo Bosch CX Line powered eBike from Tern available at Bike Attack Playa Vista, that is perfect for the mountains and all terrain rides...

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    Tern | GSD R14 | Electric Cargo Bike | Forge Grey


    Tern: GSD R14 20mph SALE


    Tern: GSD R14 - 1000W  The GSD R14 is an excellent all- around electric cargo bike from Tern that is perfect for freelancers and families looking for a reliable and affordable car alternative with a motor-assisted speed of 25...

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    Tern | GSD S10 LX | Electric Cargo Bike | Blue Grey


    Tern: GSD S10 LX 20mph SALE


    Tern Electric: GSD S10 LX - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S10 LX is the newest electric cargo bike from Tern that is a practical choice for replacing your car for everyday use with a motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h with its smooth handling...

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    Magnum Electric | Pathfinder 350 | Sand


    Magnum: Pathfinder 350 25 mph SALE


    Magnum Electric: Pathfinder 350 25 mph An affordable Electric Fat Bikes with a comfortable Step-thru frame for Gents and Ladies for easy mounting and dismounting. 350 watt motor paired with a large 36 volt 13 amp hour battery pack, offers both...

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    Magnum Electric | Payload | Matte Black


    Magnum: Payload 25mph Sale


    Magnum Electric: Payload 25mph The pickup truck of electric bikes! The Payload can handle all of the things you might do with a truck: running errands, grocery shopping, even taking a child passenger along with you. Built for utility, strength and...

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    Tern Electric | GSD S00 | Electric Cargo Bike | Beetle Blue


    Tern: GSD S00 LX 20mph SALE


    Tern: GSD S00 LX - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S00 LX is a sturdy compact electric cargo bike that features a well balanced frame with 20-inch wheels that is a fun car alternative to get around town with a motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h. This...

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    Tern Electric | GSD S10 | Electric Cargo Bike | Beetle Blue


    Tern: GSD S10 20mph SALE


    Tern Electric: GSD S10 - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S10 is the perfect electric cargo bike from Tern for families and commuting to work. This compact electric folding bike can easily replace a car: carry two kids as well as groceries...

  • Surface 604 | Trio | Electric Folding Trike | White

    Surface 604

    Surface 604: Trio


    Surface 604: Trio - Electric Folding Trike    POWERFUL 500W MOTOR MID DRIVE 48V 500W (Peaks At 750W) Bafang Geared Brushless Electric motor purpose built for speed and power. Enjoy the quiet and consistent distribution at any speed...

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    Freego |  DK 200 | Electric Motobike


    Freego: DK 200 SALE


    Freego: DK200 High Speed Brushless Motor Electric Motobike at Bike Attack Electric. Freego DK200 retro electric all terrain bike, 20*4 wide tire design uninterrupted concave-convex pattern, the purpose is to increase the friction between the wheel...

  • Lyric Cycles | Graffiti | Sergeant | Electric Moto Bike

    Lyric Cycles

    Lyric Cycles: Graffiti


    Lyric Cycles: Graffiti - Vintage Electric Moto Bike (Single Battery or Dual Battery) The Lyric Graffiti is not just another electric bike. It was thoughtfully and meticulously designed to harmoniously blend high performance components with modern...

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    Velotric | Go1 | Electric Mini Cargo Bike | Forest


    Velotric: Go 1 Sale


    Velotric: Go 1 - Electric Mini Cargo Bike A brand new Electric Mini Cargo Bike now at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, The Velotric Go 1.   Jack Of All Trades   With a host of accessories, you can customize the perfect...

  • Hovsco | HovCart Wagon | Cargo Electric Bike


    Hovsco: HovCart Wagon 20mph


    Hovsco: HovCart Wagon 20mph   The Hovsco Hovcart electric cargo bike is a compact, light and easy to use cargo bike for hauling your things. It has a comfortable seat and wide tires for smooth, comfortable riding. Electric Cargo Bike Wagon...

  • Cannondale | Cargowagen Neo | Electric Cargo Bike


    Cannondale: Cargowagen Neo 2024


    Cannondale Electric: Cargowagen Neo 28mph Color Sage Frame SmartForm C3 Alloy step-thru frame, integrated rear cargo rack, dual battery ready, internal cable routing, disc brake, tapered headtube, running boardsFork SR Suntour MOBIE34-CGO BOOST DS,...

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    Tern Electric | NBD P8i | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Step Thru Frame


    Tern: NBD P8i 20mph SALE


    Tern: NBD P8i - Mini Electric Cargo Bike *Accessories on the pictures are extra. Brand new Tern electric cargo bike at Bike Attack Electric with comfortable step thru frame for easier mounting and a more comfortable upright ride. What Makes it...

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    Tern Electric | NBDS5i | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Step Thru Frame


    Tern: NBD S5i 20mph SALE


    Tern: NBD S5i - Mini Electric Cargo Bike Brand new Tern electric cargo bike at Bike Attack Electric with comfortable low step thru frame for easier mounting and a more comfortable upright ride. What Makes it a S5i? Bosch Performance Line motor...

  • Aventon: Abound 20mph Sale


    Aventon: Abound 20mph Sale


    Aventon: Abound 20mph (with limited time promo: Get any Aventon Promotion after you purchased the bike from us! We provide the promotion link to you after your purchase.) Haul it all with the Abound, Aventon’s first ever cargo...

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    Haro | Skwad | Electric Bike Super 73 | Black


    Haro: Skwad 20mph


    Haro: Skwad 20mph   A fast, class 2 electric bike, 750 W, 20mph, a cafe style vintage inspired with front and rear light from well known bike maker Haro, available at Bike Attack Playa Vista.   Colors: Black, Cherry Cola,...

  • Abrazo | Outrider | Retro Electric Bike


    Abrazo: Outrider 28mph


    Abrazo: Outrider The Abrazo Outrider at Bike Attack Electric is a vintage inspired electric retro rear wheel powered ebike designed for the outdoor adventurer riding in moto style. A class 3 electric bike with motor-assisted speed of 28mph, and...

  • Cannondale Electric | Compact Neo | Electric Urban Bike | Smoke Black


    Cannondale: Compact Neo


    Cannondale Electric: Compact Neo The Compact Neo is a compact and capable electric bike from Cannondale that was built for urban life. This lightweight electric bike features 20" wheels, 8-speed shifting, rack, lights, and fenders.   Frame...

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    Mokwheel | Scoria | Electric Cargo Bike w Solar


    Mokwheel: Scoria 25mph Sale


    Mokwheel: Scoria - with optional Solar Panel New at Bike Attack Electric: A comfortable electric cargo bike with Step Thru Frame, a great rack and fenders and optional inverter and solar panel. Colors: Red or Grey Motor: 750 W Hub Motor Battery:...

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    Tern Electric | HSD S11 | Small Electric Cargo Bike | Tundra


    Tern: HSD S11 28mph SALE


    Tern: HSD S11 - Mini Electric Cargo Bike 28mph The HSD S11 is a fun compact e-bike from Tern with a motor-assisted speed of 28mph that is an excellent car replacement for your daily commute with plenty room for hauling cargo and can...

  • Surface 604 Electric | Boar Explorer

    Surface 604

    Surface 604: Boar Explorer 20mph


    Surface 604 Electric: Boar Explorer   Whisper Smooth Torque Sensing Pedal Assist Because an electric bike is only as good as it’s power distribution. Precision torque sensing performance at 104 cadence pulses per revolution; 1,000 torque...

  • Surface 604 Electric | Twist | Electric Folding Bike

    Surface 604

    Surface 604: Twist 20mph


    Surface 604 Electric: Twist - Electric Bike with 20" wheels   POWERFUL 500W MOTOR Electric Bike at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica.   Purpose built for top speed 500W 48V electric motor. Feel the surge of quiet, consistent power...

  • Virtue | Electric Pedalbox+ | Cargo Box Bike


    Virtue: Pedalbox+ Cargo Bike 25km/h


    Virtue Electric: Pedalbox+ Cargo Box Bike   The Virtue PedalBox(+) is a modern cargo box bike to ride around town with your kids and pets in tow. You can put them at ease in the front, it also allows them to see and talk to you while you easily...

  • Virtue | Courier+ | Electric Cargo Bike


    Virtue: Courier+


    Virtue Electric Courier+ Cargo Box Bike Electric Cargo Box bike at Bike Attack Electric. Many parents put their kids on a small seat strapped on a bike, or put them in a trailer pulled by the bike. While riding, they are not at ease maintaining...

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    Tern Electric | HSD P51 | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Sea Breeze


    Tern: HSD P5i (Gen2) SALE


    Tern: HSD P5i - Gen 2 - Mini Electric Cargo Bike The new Tern HSD P5i Gen 2 has the new Bosch Smart System and comes with a Nexus 5 speed belt drive, available at Bike Attack Electric. Colors: Dragon Fruit and Sea Breeze   Mighty But Mini The...