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  • Tern | Orox R14 | 25mph


    Tern: Orox R14 25mph


    Tern: Orox R14 With Speedhub - 25mph    The Orox R14 is a powerful and fast all-around electric cargo Bosch CX Line powered eBike from Tern available at Bike Attack Playa Vista, that is perfect for the mountains and all terrain rides...

  • Sale
    Tern | GSD R14 | Electric Cargo Bike | Forge Grey


    Tern: GSD R14 20mph SALE


    Tern: GSD R14 - 1000W  The GSD R14 is an excellent all- around electric cargo bike from Tern that is perfect for freelancers and families looking for a reliable and affordable car alternative with a motor-assisted speed of 25...