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  • Bern | FL-1 Pave | Adult Helmet | 2019 | White - Gloss White


    Bern: FL-1 Pave


    Bern: FL-1 Pave - 2019 (Adult) The FL-1 Pave features Bern’s signature style, inspired by the original leather Tour de France helmets. In addition to its unique style, the FL-1 Pavé offers plenty of ventilation and is ultra-light weight...

  • Bern | Brentwood 2.0 | Adult Helmet | 2019 | Teal - Matte Muted Teal


    Bern: Brentwood 2.0


    Bern: Brentwood - 2019 (Adult) Introducing the new Brentwood 2.0 from Bern. Utilizing Bern’s Zipmold + technology, the Brentwood 2.0 comes in 3 shell sizes and has a patented soft visor to protect your face from sun, rain and whatever the day may...

  • Bern | Niña | Girls Kids Helmet | 2019 | Pink - Satin Pink


    Bern: Niña


    Bern: Niña - 2019 (Kids/Girls) Bern’s Niña is a sweet kids helmet for girls. Designed with the mini-fashionista in mind, its whimsical colors and designs, and their patented soft flip visor is perfect for the littlest riders...

  • Bern | Niño | Boys Kids Helmet | 2019 | Dark Blue - Matte Navy Blue Zigzag


    Bern: Niño


    Bern: Niño - 2019 (Kids/Boys) Bern’s Niño is a rad helmet for boys. Designed for the smallest heads, the Niño features the same signature look as their best-selling Brentwood, scaled down to securely fit children ages 5-8...

  • Bern | Summer Watts | Men's Helmet | 2019 | Teal - Muted Teal


    Bern: Summer Watts


    Bern: Watts - 2019 (Men's) The Watts features Bern’s Crank Fit dial adjustable fit system, EPS/ABS construction, and a moisture-controlling premium liner. This helmet fits, looks, and feels great. The Watts also passes both bike and snow safety...

  • Bern | Allston | Men's Helmet | 2019 | Orange - Matte Orange


    Bern: Allston


    Bern: Allston - 2019 (Men's) The Allston was built for urban riders and commuter who demand the most from their gear and it is Bern’s top-of-the-line city lid. Their signature soft flip visor and a performance moisture-control liner round things...

  • Bern | Summer Bandito | Boys Helmet | 2019 | Red - Matte Red


    Bern: Summer Bandito


    Bern: Bandito - 2019 (Pre-Teen/Teen/Junior/Boys) Bern’s Bandito helmet was designed for pre-teen boys with noggins too big for a kids helmet, yet not quite big enough for and adult model. Taking cues from the Watts, the Bandito uses Bern’s...