5 Tips for Maintaining Your E-Bike

Posted by Elux Bikes on 18th May 2022

5 Tips for Maintaining Your E-Bike

Fortunately, Electric Bikes are very easy to care for.

With some basic, preventative care, you can keep them running smoothly for longer. Like any other vehicle, your e-bike will remain more valuable when well-maintained. Additionally, good maintenance will help you to avoid most mechanical issues. The following four tips will help you to enjoy the best ownership experience possible.

1) Avoid Letting the Battery Drain Fully

Although battery technology has advanced significantly, it is a good idea to avoid a full drain. Typically, keeping your battery topped off during regular use and at around 60% capacity during long-term storage is a good idea. This will help to maintain the battery’s health for as long as possible. This has the added benefit of never leaving you without a charged battery.

2) Check and Correct Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can have a major impact on the performance of all types of vehicles. Having the right pressure ensures that the contact area is correct. This means that you will get optimal handling and acceleration. Plus, your tires provide some impact damping. In short, having good tires at the right pressure will make your bike more fun to ride.

3) Clean Your Brakes

Squeaking brakes are a common issue with bikes because people fail to clean them or replace the pads. The loud noise indicates that the brakes are not getting a good grip on the wheels. This could be caused by old brake pads or dirt on the pads. Remember that they use friction to slow your bike and will wear down over time, especially if they are not kept clean. Maintain your brakes for a better and safer ride.

4) Lubricate Your Chain

Like a standard bike, the chain is the key to transferring power from your pedals to the wheel. This chain needs to be lubricated to allow it to move smoothly and not rub against the gears. Lubricating your chain often will help keep your e-bike in the best shape possible.

Additionally, that lubricant will pick up dirt and contaminants over time. Cleaning it off with some degreaser than re-lubricating the chain is a good idea from time to time.

5) Store it in a Protected Area

Keep your e-bike in a protected area away from the elements. The components used by E-Lux Electric Bikes are water-resistant and ready for use even in heavy weather. Nonetheless, like all vehicles, e-bikes will eventually suffer from being left in the sun, snow and rain. If possible, store your e-bike indoors. If that is not an option, consider putting a protective cover over it.