Save up to $1000 on an Electric Bike - California Rebate Program

Posted by Bike Attack on 25th May 2023

Later this year the $1000 CALIFORNIA REBATE FOR ELECTRIC BIKES will be announced: Get a Rebate of up to $1000 when purchasing an electric bike from a California Bike shop.Qualifying applicants will get a voucher of up to $1,000 for a regular e-bike and up to $1,750 for a cargo or adaptive e-bike. People whose income is under 225% FPL or who live in disadvantaged (DAC) census tracts qualify for additional incentives of up to $250.To qualify for the incentive program, participants’ household income is capped at 300% of the federal poverty level (FPL), with special priority given to tho …
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10 Best Electric Cargo Bikes

Posted by Bike Attack on 18th Apr 2023

Electric cargo bikes are very popular in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, because they allow the rider to ride together with their kids and pets in tow, Bike Attack has compiled a list of the best selling electric cargo bikes.1. Tern GSD: The Tern GSD is a highly regarded electric cargo bike known for its versatility, with a range of add-ons and accessories available. It can carry up to 440 lbs of cargo and has a maximum range of around 80 miles on a single charge and has the most reliable Motor System from Bosch.2. Tern HSD: The Tern HSD is a smaller version of the GSD, designed for smalle …
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What Are The Benefits For Riding An Electric Bike In Santa Monica?

Posted by Bike Attack Electric on 4th Mar 2023

What are the benefits for riding an electric bike in Santa Monica?There are many benefits to riding an electric bike in Santa Monica. Here are a few:Reduced Traffic Congestion: Santa Monica is a busy city with heavy traffic, and riding an electric bike can help reduce congestion on the roads. Electric bikes can easily navigate through traffic, and with their assisted pedaling, riders can travel faster than traditional bicycles.Improved Health and Fitness: Riding an electric bike is still a form of exercise, and can help improve cardiovascular health and build muscle strength. Even though the m …
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Electric Bikes In Stock At Bike Attack Electric Despite Pandemic Related eBike Shortage

Posted by Bike Attack Electric on 16th Dec 2021

Electric Bikes In Stock at Bike Attack Electric Despite Pandemic Related eBike Shortage.Bike Attack Electric, awarded one of America's Best Shop's in 2021, has a big selection of electric bikes of all kinds in stock at 2904 Main Street Santa Monica and online:electric road bikeselectric mountain bikeselectric hybrid bikes and city bikeselectric folding bikeselectric cargo bikeselectric fat bikeselectric speed bikesTop ebike brands from Bosch, Scott, Cannondale, Bianchi, Tern, Elux, Aventon, Magnum, Surface604, Monday, Virtue, Kasen, House of Lithium and more.See Video Here …
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What Are The Best choices Of Electric Bikes for Burning Man?

Posted by Bike Attack on 13th Jul 2019

What Are The Best choices Of Electric Bikes for Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada Aug 25th - Sept 2nd, 2019?What is Burning Man anyway? Burning Man is a popular art show happening in the desert of Nevada every year. It attracts thousands of fun loving, art loving, music loving people from around the world. Most of them cover the wide array of desert terrain with a bicycle or electric bike. Focus of the Art Show is celebrating individuality, art, music and the expression of freedom of speech.Burning Man has always been a big event for the arts loving people in the Los Angeles area, bu …
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