​Bike Attack Electric's Journey Towards Reducing Carbon Emissions

Posted by Bike Attack Electric+ on 9th Feb 2024

Bike Attack Electric's journey towards reducing carbon emissions began with a vision to not only provide high-quality electric bikes but also to promote sustainable transportation options in Santa Monica. The business was founded by passionate cyclists who recognized the environmental benefits of electric bikes and wanted to make them accessible to the community.From the outset, Bike Attack Electric+ prioritized sourcing eco-friendly materials and partnering with manufacturers committed to sustainability. They carefully selected electric bike models with efficient motors and long-lasting batte …
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Unlock the Joy of Riding: Ride An Electric Bike!

Posted by Bike Attack Electric on 11th Jan 2024

Unlock the Joy of Riding: Ride An Electric Bike!Discover a world of excitement and efficiency with electric bikes! Far from being just for the lazy, recent findings from a German study show that electric bicycles are ridden up to 8 times more frequently than their traditional counterparts. Curious about the buzz, Bike Attack Electric delved into the phenomenon with a survey in Santa Monica, and the results are in! Elevate Your Fun Factor! Experience the thrill of riding with less effort and increased speeds on your electric bike. Who said speed can't be synonymous with enjoyment? Forget …
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Main Street Santa Monica: The New Abbot Kinney with the Best Restaurants in LA

Posted by Bike Attack on 24th Sep 2023

Santa Monica is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, drawing food enthusiasts from across the globe. While Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach has long been hailed as a foodie paradise, there's a new contender for the title of the best dining and shopping destination in LA – Main Street Santa Monica. This charming coastal neighborhood has undergone a culinary renaissance, with a mix of acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants, eclectic eateries, a bustling Sunday market, and the best electric bike shop in LA making it a haven for locals and visitors alike.Main Street's Culi …
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Save up to $1000 on an Electric Bike - California Rebate Program

Posted by Bike Attack on 25th May 2023

Later this year the $1000 CALIFORNIA REBATE FOR ELECTRIC BIKES will be announced: Get a Rebate of up to $1000 when purchasing an electric bike from a California Bike shop.Qualifying applicants will get a voucher of up to $1,000 for a regular e-bike and up to $1,750 for a cargo or adaptive e-bike. People whose income is under 225% FPL or who live in disadvantaged (DAC) census tracts qualify for additional incentives of up to $250.To qualify for the incentive program, participants’ household income is capped at 300% of the federal poverty level (FPL), with special priority given to tho …
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10 Best Electric Cargo Bikes

Posted by Bike Attack on 18th Apr 2023

Electric cargo bikes are very popular in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, because they allow the rider to ride together with their kids and pets in tow, Bike Attack has compiled a list of the best selling electric cargo bikes.1. Tern GSD: The Tern GSD is a highly regarded electric cargo bike known for its versatility, with a range of add-ons and accessories available. It can carry up to 440 lbs of cargo and has a maximum range of around 80 miles on a single charge and has the most reliable Motor System from Bosch.2. Tern HSD: The Tern HSD is a smaller version of the GSD, designed for smalle …
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