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Denago Commuter 1 Step Thru

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Denago Commuter 1 Step Thru - Sale

New at Bike Attack, UL Certified Electric City Bike with a step-thru frame, Denago's Commuter 1 eBike features an ultra-low standover height, making it easy and simple to start and stop. Their comfort geometry gives you a comfortable upright riding position to easily see your surroundings. 

The Denago Commute Model 1 is an urban eBike with a step-thru frame with a low standover height - easy to mount and dismount for shorter riders or those with poor flexibility or injuries. Commute Model 1 is full-featured with a suspension fork and seatpost, integrated headlight, plus included fenders, rear rack, and kickstand. Stealthy, sleek battery integrated with the down tube.




Commute Model 1 was named "best new commuter eBike" by the editors of and appears on their list of "18 best electric bikes you can buy right now."


Class III eBike, up to 28 MPH pedal assist with CADENCE Sensor providing consistent power.


  • An urban eBike that can replace your car

    Class III eBike; ride up to 28 MPH on pedal assist and 20 MPH on throttle alone.

  •'s "best new commuter eBike"

    Commute Model 1 was named "best new commuter eBike" by the editors of and appears on their list of "18 best electric bikes you can buy right now."


    UL 2849 & UL 2271 Certified

    All of our bikes have been designed to meet UL standards for safety from day one. And now, every Commute Model 1 Step-thru eBike manufactured on/after October 1, 2023, bears the UL2849 Certification for safety and comes equipped with UL2271 Certified batteries.


    Throttle Safely

    No accidental bumps to the throttle throwing you off or launching without you. The throttle is designed to only function once you are seated and moving on the bike. Give yourself a kick or just about half a pedal stroke to enable the use of the throttle.

  • denago-commuter1-specs2.png

    500 watt hub motor

    Plenty of torque for climbing hills, even when you're carrying a laptop or groceries.


    60+ mile range

    Enough for commuting to work or school without needing to charge during the day. Range varies based on conditions and usage patterns.


    Sleek, hidden battery

    652.8 Wh lithium-ion battery integrates in the down tube for a stealthy look, and locks with a key for additional security. Built with premium LG cells. Batteries manufactured on/after October 1, 2023, are now UL2271 Certified. See here for more information.


    3 Amp fast charger

    Recharge 50% faster than competing eBikes - that means you can get a full charge for the evening commute during the work day.


    Digital LCD display with PIN lock

    Monitor your speed, distance, battery charge, and other data on the high-resolution handlebar display. Set an optional PIN code for additional security.


    Integrated headlight

    Integrated headlight is powered by the eBike battery and controlled from the handlebar remote. There's also a rack-mounted rear red reflector - add 3 AAA battery to turn it into a powered taillight for night rides.


    Top Speed:
    28 MPH on pedal assist, 20 MPH on throttle

    Shengyi rear hub motor, 48V, 500W, 50 Nm torque rating, IPX5 Water-Resistant rated

    Thumb throttle, left side

    Denago LCD with speed, motor power, trip distance, odometer, trip time, battery charge level, and walk mode functions, plus PIN lock security feature

    Speed, Cadence

    48V, 13.6Ah, 652.8Wh, Fully-integrated style, LG cells, IPX6 Water-Resistant rated

    Multi-voltage 110-240V, 3A Fast Charger with USA plug

    UL Certification (as of manufacture date October 1, 2023):
    UL 2849 certified, with a UL 2271 certified battery

    Safety Data Sheets (SDS):
    For 24/7 Chemical Emergency Response and SDS Information, call 1 (800) 255-392



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