Hovsco: HovCart Wagon 20mph


Hovsco: HovCart Wagon 20mph

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Hovsco: HovCart Wagon 20mph


The Hovsco Hovcart electric cargo bike is a compact, light and easy to use cargo bike for hauling your things. It has a comfortable seat and wide tires for smooth, comfortable riding.

Electric Cargo Bike Wagon 20“ Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike at Bike Attack Electric.

Powerful Cargo Loading System
Adaptable Torque Sensor Technology
Class: Class 2 20mph (Class 3 Unlocked via  app)
Shifter: Shimano 7-Speed Shifter
Motor: 750w Brushless Gear HUB Motor
Speed: Up to 26MPH (Unlocked via  app)
Battery: 60 mile range / 720wh Samsung/LG Battery with Flashlight




HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon 20" Step-Thru Front-Mounted Basket
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Large Rear Mounted Basket【Back order】

HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Rear Mounted Children's Seat【Back order】
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon 20“ Running Boards【Back order】
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Backseat Cushion【Back order】


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