10 Best Electric Cargo Bikes

Posted by Bike Attack on 18th Apr 2023

Electric cargo bikes are very popular in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, because they allow the rider to ride together with their kids and pets in tow, Bike Attack has compiled a list of the best selling electric cargo bikes.1. Tern GSD: The Tern GSD is a highly regarded electric cargo bike known for its versatility, with a range of add-ons and accessories available. It can carry up to 440 lbs of cargo and has a maximum range of around 80 miles on a single charge and has the most reliable Motor System from Bosch.2. Tern HSD: The Tern HSD is a smaller version of the GSD, designed for smalle …
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Aventon Dealer Spotlight: Bike Attack

Posted by AVENTON on 23rd Nov 2022

Aventon Dealer Spotlight: Bike AttackNovember 23, 2022Taking a historic ride down memory lane, we’re sharing the story of the first electric bike shop in Los Angeles! Born and bred in Berlin, Germany, and now rooted in the greater Los Angeles, California area, Bike Attack is a pioneering figure in the e-mobility movement. In addition to being the first ebike shop in LA, Bike Attack has a rich founding history that’s transversed two continents, having now established itself as a trusted staple in the community. With two prominent locations in Santa Monica and Playa Vista, we had the absolute pl …
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​A 'How to Ride a Bicycle on the Street’ Guide

Posted by Aventon on 13th Nov 2022

A 'How to Ride a Bicycle on the Street’ GuideRiding a bike on the road seems simple enough. Doesn’t it? How hard can it possibly be? Stay in the bike lane. Signal when necessary. Watch for cars. Wear a helmet. It’s not rocket science! Well, not entirely. There are certain rules in motion. Gravity and physics and all that. But that’s got nothing to do with the rules of the road. Oh no. That’s an entirely different mess with plenty of people out there moving right along with you, past you, beside you. Zipping and zooming around in their own worlds. And with an ebike moving at speeds up to 28 mil …
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Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car?

Posted by AVENTON on 5th Nov 2022

eBike vs Car: Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car?Are you looking to make a change in your routine, or simply just tired of being stuck in traffic all day? Maybe you want to stop driving altogether or, at the very least, decrease the amount of time spent in your vehicle. But in reality, can an ebike replace a car fully? Making the decision between an e-bike vs car may seem like a big decision to make, but we are here to let you know why it isn’t.So, which is better? We’re here to help you decide. If you’re considering ditching your car for an electric bike, but are still on the fence about the …
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Americas Best Bike Shop Award | Bike Attack

Posted by NBDA on 12th Nov 2019

November 11, 2019BIKE ATTACK was named one of America’s Best Bike Shops for 2019.The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) has certified BIKE ATTACK as being among the top local bicycle retailers in the United States. Fewer than 200 qualified for this honor.Key to certification is a lengthy application survey that quantifies key elements found in successful retail operations of all kinds. Mystery shoppers then evaluated dealers through phone & email contacts, website appeal & accuracy, and an in-store visit with detailed breakdown of their experience, from a customer’s pe …
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