The new generation of Electric Bikes has arrived

The new generation of Electric Bikes has arrived

Posted by Bike Attack Electric on 4th Jul 2019

The new generation of Electric Bikes has arrived. But be aware of cheap online offers.

There was a time when most electric bicycles at Bike Attack Electric would cost $3000-$5000. That was in 2013, 2014 when we opened the first electric bike shop in Los Angeles at our Santa Monica location at 2904 Main Street.

At that time customers only had 2 options: either quality bikes for a lot of money or low quality bikes for cheap. As an electric bike shop with a service center we looked at these cheap bikes once to see that the quality was below our standards. We needed electric bikes with a good warranty and a great lifespan: we wanted to sell e-Bikes with a low amount of technical problems, bikes that actually worked.

We politely had to decline many offers of Chinese brands to be sold in our Santa Monica store because the quality was just not there. Customers who brought those bikes online were often disappointed that their bikes only worked once or twice and then gave up. They desperately brought these bikes to us for repair but we had to send them away because we could not get any parts and the Chinese companies did not respond to them when problems occurred. 

We were torn - we wanted to provide our customers a lower priced, good quality option to the high priced electric bikes that we can stand behind - but a the same time we could not find affordable electric bikes that were worth the money. But times have changed. Quality went up and prices went down. We spend years of testing and researching the options, we attended the biggest electric bike event in Europe Eurobike and literally went to every electric bike event in the country. We finally found manufacturers who were able to provide us with affordable electric bikes that delivered the quality that we needed for our customers. 

That doesn't mean there are no-more electric bikes that do not warrant higher prices. If you are looking for a brand name ebike with higher end components and brand name battery systems - you can still get these higher end electric bikes at Bike Attack. You can compare electric bikes with cars. Everybody understands the difference between a Ferrari and a KIA. They both drive. But this is the only resemblance of the 2. The same it is with bikes and electric bicycles: there are city bikes ranging from $300-$1200 and there are also road bikes for over $10,000. It depends on your needs, your style and your budget, but we are very happy to announce that we have sourced electric bike brands now that we are very confident to sell to those customers searching for an affordable alternative to the higher price eBikes.

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