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  • Magnum Electric | Peak  | Blue


    Magnum: Peak T5 20mph


    Magnum Electric: Peak T5 20mph The Peak T5 begins where the road ends! It has a torque pedal assist sensor that combines power from the rider and the motor for the ultimate in smoothness and control. A wide range drive train and a robust power system...

  • Magnum | Metro 750 | Black with Gunmetal


    Magnum: Metro 750 25 mph


    Magnum Electric: Metro 750 The Magnum Metro 750 is your ticket to adventure! Built for road riding, commuting, recreational riding, and gravel trails, the Metro 750 has a step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. The 48V 750W power system...

  • Tern Electric | Quick Haul D8 | Electric Folding Bike | Tabasco


    Tern: Quick Haul D8 20mph


    Tern Electric: Quick Haul D8 The Quick Haul D8 is a New electric folding bike from Tern with a motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h that will be arriving later this year and features a sturdy rear rack, a Bosch Active Line Plus motor...

  • Tern | Verge X11 | Urban Bike | Satin Black


    Tern: Verge X11


    Tern: Verge X11 (Non-Electric) The Verge X11 is a lively urban bike from Tern that is worth the price if you’re looking for a folding bike that is able to go up steep climbs with exceptional stability and efficiency...

  • Tern | Link D8 | Folding Bike | Safety Yellow


    Tern: Link D8


    Tern: Link D8 (Non-Electric) Tern’s D8 is a budget-friendly electric bike that can easily fold so you can carry it with you on your daily commute on the bus or the train and can be folded down and stored under your desk to save space...

  • Tern | Link C8 | Folding Bike | Satin Red


    Tern: Link C8


    Tern: Link C8 (Non-Electric) Tern’s Link C8 is a budget-friendly city bike that folds into a compact size at home and it is easy to store or take with you on the go.   FEATURES Entry-level price with advanced Tern technology,...

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    Tern | Link A7 | Folding Bike | Satin Red


    Tern: Link A7 SALE


    Tern: Link A7 (Non-Electric) Tern’s Link A7 is a lightweight folding bike that features a 7-speed Shimano Tourney transmission and a wide range of adjustable heights for a smooth and stable ride. The Link A7 is an affordable gift for adults and...

  • Tern | Link D7i | Folding Bike | Satin Shale


    Tern: Link D7i


    Tern: Link D7i (Non-Electric) The Link D7i is a comfortable and stylish city bike from Tern that is an excellent choice to get up and going to improve your daily health. The Link can be conveniently stored away at home or taken with you on different...

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    Tern Electric | GSD S10 | Electric Cargo Bike | Beetle Blue


    Tern: GSD S10 20mph SALE


    Tern Electric: GSD S10 - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S10 is the perfect electric cargo bike from Tern for families and commuting to work. This compact electric folding bike can easily replace a car: carry two kids as well as groceries...

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    Elux Electric | Sierra Folding Bike | Matte Black


    Elux: Sierra SALE 20mph


    Elux Electric: Sierra - Electric Folding Bike SALE The Elux Sierra is our bestselling electric folding bike at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica. It has the tough rugged look that many prefer and now comes in a variety of all kind of colors...

  • Lyric Cycles | Graffiti | Sergeant | Electric Moto Bike

    Lyric Cycles

    Lyric Cycles: Graffiti


    Lyric Cycles: Graffiti - Vintage Electric Moto Bike (Single Battery or Dual Battery) The Lyric Graffiti is not just another electric bike. It was thoughtfully and meticulously designed to harmoniously blend high performance components with modern...

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    Urtopia | Carbon 1 | Sirius | Ebike


    Urtopia: Carbon 1 - SALE


    Urtopia Carbon 1 (only few left) This lightweight Bluetooth GPS Electric Bike at Bike Attack is capable to do it all. 1 speed/250W version at 20mph Top Speed. Colors: Sirius, Lyra, Midnight in Paris  Sizes: M, L   Urban thrills...

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    Aventon Electric | Soltera.2 | Lightweight Electric Bike | Black


    Aventon: Soltera.2 20mph SALE


    Aventon Electric: Soltera.2 New Soltera.2 Electric Bike at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica. Lightweight Soltera.2 Ebike with Torque Sensor and Integrated lights.   Own the road with Soltera.2! Its responsive handling and high-tech...

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    Velotric | Packer 1 | Electric Cargo Bike | Blue


    Velotric: Packer 1 Sale


    Velotric: Packer 1 - Electric Cargo Bike - On Sale A brand new Electric Cargo Bike now at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, The Velotric Packer 1.   HAUL EVERYTHING FROM CARGO TO PETS AND KIDS   The Velotric Packer 1 was made to...

  • Urtopia | Chord | Electric Smart Bike | Step Over Black


    Urtopia: Chord


    Urtopia: Chord and Chord X (Step Over and Step Thru Bike) This new Lightweight Bluetooth GPS Smart Electric Bike from Urtopia, the Chord and Chord X at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica is capable to do it all. Free Promotion: Free Fenders,...

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    Biria | Electric Folding Bike Series 4 | Orange


    Biria: Folding Bike Series 4 Sale


    Biria Electric: Folding Bike, Series 4 Introducing the new powerful BIRIA Electric Folding, Series 4, with upgraded battery, motor, and suspension fork. Has the appearance of a normal folding bike with the Lithium ion battery hidden inside the frame...

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    Biria | Electric Chopper | Black


    Biria: Electric Chopper 20mph Sale


    Biria: Electric Chopper Introducing the new BIRIA Electric Chopper. With a 500 Watt motor and 48V, 16 Amp LG battery, it has an average range of over 45 miles per charge with pedal assist. It has Hydraulic Tektro disc brakes with 24 x 3.0 tires...