Mokwheel: Upland Plus 25mph


Mokwheel: Upland Plus 25mph

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Mokwheel: Upland Plus

New at Bike Attack Electric: A speedy electric commuter+ bike bike for fire roads and city streets alike, comfortable and versatile.


Slow and steady wins the race. What about steady but fast? UPLAND bikes are quick, dependable, and ready to go, perfect for trail rides and tricky commutes. Bring your trip to the next level and engage the trail.



    Hub Motor
    48V 16Ah
    Lithium-Ion Battery
    Miles Per Charge
    400 lbs
    Payload Capacity
    7 Speed
    Gear Shift System
    3.0 A Charger
    Replenish Faster
    Long Performance

    48V 16Ah Battery

    Mokwheel's battery is equipped with high density lithium-ion cells to improve work efficiency, service life, and safety. The 3.0A charger only takes 5-6 hours per charge to travel 35-55 miles.

    35~55 Miles Per Charge
    768 WH Battery Capacity
    5 Hours Charging Time
    3.0 A Charger Replenish Faster


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