Tern: Link C8


Tern: Link C8

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Tern: Link C8 (Non-Electric)

Tern’s Link C8 is a budget-friendly city bike that folds into a compact size at home and it is easy to store or take with you on the go.



  • Entry-level price with advanced Tern technology, including the super-stiff Physis™ 3D handlepost
  • Folds in 10 seconds—put it under your desk or take it on the subway
  • 20” wheels make it easy to stop-and-go on busy streets
  • Wide 8-speed gearing for climbing hills and racing through the city
  • Fold and store indoors for the best theft protection
  • Includes rear rack and fenders
  • 20" Wheels



Satin Blue, Satin Red



FBL™ 2 Frame Joint

Hidden benefits

3 patented technologies and incredibly precise manufacturing make the FBL 2 frame joint one of the best in the business. It’s strong, secure, and thanks to integrated bearings, always easy to use.

Physis™ 3D Handlepost

The new benchmark

Five patented technologies and unique manufacturing technology add up to the strongest, stiffest folding handlepost available. The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging, which forms the post from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating all welds.


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