What Are The Best choices Of Electric Bikes for Burning Man?

Posted by Bike Attack on 13th Jul 2019

What Are The Best choices Of Electric Bikes for Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada Aug 25th - Sept 2nd, 2019?

What is Burning Man anyway? 

Burning Man is a popular art show happening in the desert of Nevada every year. It attracts thousands of fun loving, art loving, music loving people from around the world. Most of them cover the wide array of desert terrain with a bicycle or electric bike. Focus of the Art Show is celebrating individuality, art, music and the expression of freedom of speech.

Burning Man has always been a big event for the arts loving people in the Los Angeles area, but it has become much more popular every year. Bike Attack has provided bicycles for the event for over a decade now and has expanded it's inventory to offer more electric bikes that are better suited for the Desert Art Show. 

Electric Bikes are great for Burning Man, because they are capable of moving easily through several miles of hot desert roads and dusty rugged terrain. Bike Attack highly recommends certain electric bikes for this event.

Our recommendations for Burning Man 2019 are the following kind of e-bikes:

  • Electric Folding bikes like the Fat Bike Elux Sierra, and the Tern Vektron. They easily can be stored into the trunk of your car and go to and from the event with no problem.
  • Electric Beach Cruiser with fat tires are great for Burning Man because the fat tires easily ride over rocks and through dusty roads, like the Elux Tahoe, and Elux Newport.
  • Vintage Mini Bikes like the Addmotor Motan R70 are perfect for the event because they provide the cool looks to withstand the toughest competition and can take up to 2 people on the bike.
  • Electric Mountain Bikes are the best way to make it safely through the tough Black Rock City Roads, like the Cannondale Moterra SE or the Scott Spark eRide 930.

There is a wide array of electric bicycles from affordable to high end to make sure you have the best time at Burning Man 2019.

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